Law and Mediation

Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem

Knowledge of the laws is not to remember their words, but to understand their meaning

Our life is full of stormy events, reasons for joy and sadness - family, friends, relationships, weddings, childbirth, finding and knowing ourselves, career aspirations, our own business, creativity and travel, hopes, hopes and dreams. All these facets of life need protection and guardianship, forethought and harmony.

If you need to get professional help and find the right solution by concluding an agreement or marriage contract, get an inheritance or share property together, redress a complaint or lawsuit in time to protect your rights, find understanding in the family, with a business partner or in the labor the team without wasting time and effort on litigation, you and the Law and Mediation Office will help you with this and much more.

Kira Aivazova


For many years, I have been devoting myself to jurisprudence, protecting rights and upholding justice, searching for optimal solutions and resolving conflicts. The time of training, internships, advanced training and practice.

Court or mediation - choose for you: publicity or confidentiality, escalation of the conflict or preservation of relations, years or months to resolve the issue, forced or voluntary execution of the decision.


As a mediating lawyer, I am ready to offer the optimal model for the development of events in your situation.


In modern conditions, knowledge and the correct interpretation of laws are of great importance in the life of everyone. It is difficult to overestimate the role of a lawyer in situations where issues of property, family relations, guilt or innocence in violations and crimes are resolved. It is a lawyer, especially when he is in the process from the very beginning, that will help to avoid illegal charges, draw up documents correctly, and pay attention to dangerous moments in various situations. If it comes to court, then only a competent and experienced lawyer is able to build a line of attack or defense in such a way as to protect the interests of his client as much as possible.


Mediation is a procedure for out-of-court settlement of a conflict with the help of a third neutral party - a mediator or several mediators. The parties are actively involved in finding a solution that suits their interests, and the mediator, as a neutral and independent specialist, using certain techniques accompanies the process, directing the parties to a peaceful resolution to the conflict.
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